Mother’s Day Activities

Make this day special with choices tailored to your mom.

Art Lover Mom reads the arts section first, collects catalogs, and thought your first grade drawings were influenced by Kandinsky. Take her to your local art museum and have a bite at the cafe.

American History Buff Mom knows the name of every U.S. President, fact checked your homework, and easily quotes what happened on this day fifty years ago.   Head out to the a historical site in your city and have a picnic nearby.

Environmental Mom recycles everything, knows global warming is not a hot flash, and uses both sides of the printer paper.  Spend the day helping out at a beach clean up or food bank.

Design Mom knows what is the new black this year,  how to use Photoshop to make your holiday pictures more interesting, and only sees art films.  Take an architectural tour of your city.

Sports Mom was always at little league and knows all the baseball stats. Take her out to the ball game for some peanuts and cracker jacks.

Yoga Mom stays flexible, eats vegetarian, and believes that meditation will solve all your problems. Here in Los Angeles take her to BryanKest’s Power Yoga Santa Monica Studio for a donation only class and then to Real Food Daily for lunch.  Sit on the beach afterwards and chant OM.

Let me know if you have interesting ways to celebrate Mother’s Day.