The 99 Cent Chef

The 99 Cent Chef features a world of cooking ideas with low prices as the main course. Just to make matters clear, the 99 Cent Chef is not affliated nor does he use only products and produce from the 99 Cent Stores.  While the 99 Cent Store has many of his selections,  Billy Vasquez heads all over to buy items that bring the basic cost of cooking way under average.  An accomplished photographer, the stills show off many recipes and give you guidelines for steps along the way and what the finished product should look like.

This month is destination Cuba. Starting with a simple and yummy salad, he will continue with Cuban Baked Beans, a Cuban Sandwich and Roasted Pork.  Or if you are in a more Brazilian mood, try the Moqueca Fish Stew. Amazing how he grabs a few cans, some veggies, and frozen fish transforming them into an exotic stew to serve over rice.

Learn how to cure your own salmon for a Jewish Taco that he dubbed the Loxaco.  This brings the cost down and as a bonus all the ingredients are kosher. Try it, you’ll like it!