Gas Buddy

With gas prices going up every minute, the Frugal Diva has spent a lot of time on the Gas Buddy site.  They list the lowest prices sent in by gas buddy members. Arco leads with their no credit card policy to avoid passing the fees onto the consumer.  As you probably have guessed, those with Costco Memberships have one more benefit-among the lowest gas prices in town.

Since all indicators say gas prices are rising this is a good time to go over their fuel saving tips.  Who  knew that the air conditioning used about 20% more fuel?  And may I add a few more ways to save fuel. Forget about that expensive gym membership and start walking. There are probably a number of errands that can be accomplished on foot. Car pool and not just to work. Maybe a neighbor needs to go the market, drug store, or the mall at the same time.

Every time gas goes up, we get thrifty. People drive less, there are fewer auto accidents with less people on the road, and the pollution level goes down. Here’s a thought when and if (and this is a big if)  prices go back down, let’s keep all our good habits going. We should continue to buy smaller cars and let Hummer owners hang their heads in shame.  Right now prices are still going up, so make friends with the Gas Buddy in town and when you are traveling.  Those with smart phones can download the app to search for good prices when you are out and about or away from your home.