To caffinate or not to caffinate?

That is the question. For the Frugal Diva the answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no. Now what happens when it’s a chilly afternoon and you want have a cozy cup of something however it has wandered into the no caffeine portion of the day. Meaning that I will be up way past my bed time if I indulge.

In steps Teeccino Herbal Coffees with some very tempting flavors for that afternoon break. While many think of these drinks as a coffee replacement, I prefer to think of them as a separate category. A lovely mellow warm drink with no harshness or acidity and it’s own nutty taste. You can drink it straight or with some milk, and a bit of sweetener and not have to worry about why you are still counting sheep at midnight.

My favorite way to enjoy these drinks is using a french press. I have a large one so that you can make either a small one portion or treat friends and coworkers.  Teeccino is also great for traveling since you can get them in tea bag portions.  Practically every hotel room has a small coffee maker for boiling water, just pop in the bag and use those extra dollars toward your dinner budget instead of an increasingly expensive coffee drink. With flavors ranging from hazelnut to dandelion caramel to (let’s not forget) chocolate, Teeccino truly believes in variety being the spice of life.

Disclaimer: Teeccino sent The Frugal Diva some samples for review.