Birthday Freebies

A Guest Post by Shannon Byrne in Free Offers

Ever wonder why every major restaurant chain has invented its own birthday song when “Happy Birthday to You” is literally the most recognizable song in the world? It’s not just because it’s hard for servers and patrons to clap along to – it’s because the proprietors want to avoid copyright infringement. That’s right: the 150 year old tune is still under copyright until at least 2030. (That’s also why you’ll seldom hear it in movies or TV shows, either.)

Even though you have to wait ‘til you get home to listen to the real birthday song, one birthday tradition only seems to be gaining strength … and it’s one we can totally get on board with – free birthday food! While you may be used to a free birthday dessert and serenade, the advent of Internet mailing lists (and companies’ desperation to get you to join theirs) have increased the popularity of free birthday treats tenfold, and we’re letting you in on all the best birthday freebie secrets.

Tips for Redeeming Birthday Freebies

Sign up now for the email lists, even if your birthday is months away. Some require membership on their email list for at least a month before they’ll relinquish the coupon. Depending on the list, you may get coupons for free stuff more often than just your birthday, too.

And don’t think that the only night you can redeem your freebie is on your actual birthday. Check the coupon – many are valid for a whole week or even the month.

One more tip: Don’t try to beat the system and just print a copy of someone else’s coupon. Most restaurant systems are savvy enough to catch a duplicate coupon.

Check out their list of birthday freebies at this link. If you can’t find info for a merchant you love, let them know in the comments and they will try to find one for you.