Do’s and Dont’s for Packing and Moving

·       DO all of the packing and labeling before moving day.

o  You’d be surprised how many people get stuck in the last minute rush to pack everything and move it all in one day. Make sure everything but a change of clothes is packed and ready to go.

·      DON’T forget to color code your boxes for each room.

o  Most people know to label their moving boxes but unpacking is much easier for you and your movers is your boxes are color coded according to room.

·      DO find free boxes at the grocery stores and online.

o  You can save tons of money on packing materials if you take advantage of the free packing materials at grocery stores or check online for free boxes. Craigslist’s free section is a great place to start.

·      DON’T forget to hire a babysitter or a pet sitter.

o  If your children are old enough they can be helpful throughout the process but if not, it’s better to have them secure and out of the way while you’re packing up and moving. The same goes for your pets, they tend to get underfoot of movers.

·      DO use packing materials you already have.

o  Suitcases are perfect for transporting items, especially things that are heavy or awkwardly shaped.

·      DON’T forget to pack an overnight bag to use on the first night.

o  After a long day of moving, you’re not likely to want to go through all of your boxes just yet. Pack and overnight bag with the essentials such as toiletries, a few outfits and pyjamas for use on the first night.

·      DO keep important documents with you.

o  It’s best to travel with your most important items in hand. Keep a file of important documents with you while you move so that they are less likely to get lost in the shuffle.

·      DON’T place small objects directly in boxes.

o  Keep sandwich bags handy for little pieces of electronics and label the bags specifically. These tiny pieces tend to get lost in the shuffle and can make life difficult when putting everything back together.

·      DO give specific tasks to any friends helping.

o  Make sure you plan out their specific jobs before they come over, this way they will be able to help out in the most efficient way possible.

·      DON’T forget to plan out a floor plan before you move.

o  Try to plan out where each item, especially the big ones, will go and how everything will look. This will make it easier to put things in the right place immediately upon arrival.

About Ross Sapir:

Ross Sapir is the Founder and CEO of New York City’s premiere moving and storage company; Roadway Moving. Since the inception of Roadway Moving in 2008, the company has grown from six trucks into a fully functional and full-service moving company with over 130 employees available to assist the 5,000 to 6,000 customers they serve a year. Born in Israel and raised in New York, Ross cites his company’s success to his employees, and customer service. From quote to cleanup, Ross takes personal care to ensure that each Roadway customer is treated the “Roadway Way” — enjoying a hassle and stress-free move without fail. His everlasting commitment to quality, efficiency and transparency, is the true testament behind how Roadway has become one of the leading and highest rated moving companies in Tri-State area, and the #1 moving company on Yelp.

About Roadway Moving:

Roadway Moving is New York’s premier moving company providing professional and stress free moving services to the Tri-State area. It offers a full range of moving services and storage options, while executing a seamless moving experience to clients.  From quote to cleanup, Roadway Moving’s highly trained team is committed to quality, transparency and efficiency — staples of a company known for the highest caliber of customer service in the industry.  Roadway Moving is certified by the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), a consumer protection and certification program called ProMover. This initiative fights imposters, known within the industry as “rogue operators,” like never before by giving consumers an easy way to separate reputable, professional movers from con artists out to make a quick buck at their expense.  It is also the #1 rated moving company in New York City on both Yelp and Angie’s List, for its quality of services, pain-free moving experience. Roadway Moving is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and received an A+ rating for its commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. For more information on Roadway Moving and its services, please visit