8 Affordable Remodelling Details that will Make you Happier at Home

Changes are always good, especially if they’re in your home. Since you’re spending the most of your time there, why wouldn’t you make it as beautiful as it can be? It is simple, home is supposed to be a place which reflects your personality, your taste and makes you feel happy, but sometimes we forget about that. And before you start complaining about the budget, let me tell you right now, no. You don’t have to spend a fortune on decorating, and the true beauty is in details. With all that being said, here are 8 affordable ways to make your home into something beautiful. Enjoy!

image-2Number 1: Fix the broken
This is used as the number one on purpose, since this is the easiest and in the same time the best method for improving your home and your mood. Is your bathroom often flooded because of your leaking washing machine? Do you have one special light bulb which flickers all the time. Broken things are bad for our mental balance and they make us super nervous, so when everything in your home works perfectly, your mind will too.



image-3Number 2: Photographs
Frame pictures of your loved ones – your family, your friends, cousins, parents etc. when you had a really good time together. Put them all over the house, on the walls, on counters etc. and you will see for yourself what an amazing mood riser it can be.



image-4Number 3: Floors matter!
A room is not complete without a rug in it. They bring style and I see them as a piece of artwork which is laying on your floor. And no, it doesn’t have to be a fancy 1000$ rug to make a room look nice, in many stores, like Decorug for example, you can find versatile, beautiful, and at the same time very cheap rugs.



image-5Number 4: Mirrors
There’s something mystic and beautiful about mirrors, it’s like they’re portals to some parallel universe, just waiting for you to jump in. They add a sense of style, glamour and size in any space – especially if you put them on places like dark corners of your home, on the accent wall of your living room or beside the kitchen table for example. You can choose between the dramatic oversized ones, or stick to the small ones but make sure that there are multiple of them. Whatever you do, you can almost never go wrong with the mirrors.


Number 5: Plantsimage-6
First of all, they provide us with oxygen, and second they look beautiful and make everything seem warm somehow. Any type of plant is welcome, so you are free to get whatever you like the most. Oh, and just think about that proud feeling of accomplishment when later you realize that your plant is all grown up and that you helped it do it. This basically means that you made one life happen and that’s just amazing.



image-7Number 6: Brilliant whiteness
This color screams purity, fashion and sophistication. If you are thinking about painting your walls soon, you might want to consider using this colour, since it makes the space feel much brighter and brightness is known as a major mood booster. On the other hand, if painting isn’t on your bucket list at this moment, then simply add some white accessories in your home like shelves, vases, curtains etc.



Number 7: Pillowsimage-8
The design and pattern depends on you interior, but just the appearance of pillows in any space makes everything really pretty, and comfy too. Now tell me, have you ever seen a sad person in a bunch of pillows? Of course you haven’t.



image-9Number 8: The bookcase
If you’re a bookworm, tell me is there anything cuter and more practical than big and nicely designed bookcase with all kinds of other stuff on it, and not just books? They really make a great statement and I think that they will never go out of style. Accessorize it however you like, you can put plates, vases, even the bird cages or terrariums on it.



That would basically be it. Just follow these tips and your home will become your own piece of heaven and reason of happiness. Have fun decorating!

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