Penzeys Loves to Spice Up Cooking

Penzeys Spices encourages people to love to cook and cook to love. They believe kindness adds flavor to any meal. Now why would the Frugal Diva be recommending these seemingly upscale products? Because even with fantastic quality, they have managed to keep prices within reason. If you sign up for the email newsletter, offers will start coming every day for free spices added when you have a minimum order, combos that are below the price of each individual spice, free shipping specials, and sometimes a free spice thrown in for good measure.

Now to go along with their message of kindness, they posting uplifting recipes from cooks all over the country representing every part of our heritage. They have ideas from people who came here as immigrants, people who are recreating recipes from their grandparents, and people who took Penzeys Spices and created a brand new dish. You can print, email or add them to an on line recipe box on the site.

Please like them on facebook so we can continue the crusade for kindness that starts with the Penzeys’ motto “Love people—Cook them tasty food!”

Check on the website and see if you have one in town. I’m lucky enough to be within driving distance as you can see by the picture at the top of this post.