My New Printer

It has a bold concept, an eco-friendly printer that used ink bottles instead of cartridges. A bit higher initial investment but it turned out to be soooo worthwhile.

Though most of us have given up any paper printing, there is still the occasional need. Plus it means that there is a copier and scanner in the house. Those teensy little cartridges were only good for a few sheets and then it was back to Staples. The cartridges where the bane of my existence.  At times it seemed cheaper to buy a new printer then pay for a new set for my old one.  Then I spotted this new concept. The Epson cartridge free Eco Tank beckoned me with those huge bottles of ink. The initial price was higher however it was on sale for $230 and the leap was taken.

Two months later, I am one happy camper. Even with an average amount of printing (about 75 pages per month) the tanks are still over 3/4s full and the clerks at Staples no longer remember my name. Sure I used to get points and recycling but it never made up for spending upwards of $50 on a few thimblefuls of colored liquid.

You’ll be happy, the planet will be happy.