New Ways to Save

After a bit of an interlude, the Frugal Diva is back. Times have changed and so have ways to save. Supply chains are down, weather is always a factor, and readiness for the future is a little more up in the air. Being thrifty means a variety of things and it behooves us to keep stock of items that might disappear from shelves.

However Frugal Divas are nothing if not resourceful. We will be exploring the ways to save and thrive in these new times. The pioneers did it without the internet and made it across the country.

Some of our basic rules stay the same with amendments.

You probably have enough clothes to last however when a great buy comes along grab it. A little black dress that was purchased over ten years ago for eighty eight dollars is my go to for any wedding or celebration. Add a dressy jacket or shawl and you are looking fabulous. Unless you regularly walk the red carpet, it’s amazing how few people remember what you wore.

Sneakers are the future. With gas prices going up, taking short walks to pick up things are always a wonderful way to save money and exercise.

We used to say don’t buy more than you need however the new saying goes likes this, “They may be out of it so get enough to store for a few months if the price is right.” Prices are only going up and keeping a little extra in the pantry saves time and money.

The library is your friend. It has books, films, classes, children’s books and streaming services for movies and eBooks. My LA Public Library Card entitles me to free Kanopy movie streaming, free tickets to about ten museums, free access to newspapers and publications online, free language learning online and so many things that I don’t even have time to explore them all.

Think about cars. Learning from the younger generation is a great thing. They say why bother with the expense and responsibility of your own vehicle. Between public transportation, Uber or Lyft, and the occasionally rental, owning your own automobile might be a thing of the past.  At least consider cutting down the number of cars in your family.  With planning, saving on gas can make a dent in your budget.

Don’t worry that this will take the fun out of life. It will allow us to stop and enjoy the moments rather then be rushing off to the next event. It will make meal time better as everyone joins in with ideas and new recipes. Participation makes for more connection. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay tuned for tips on travel, learning, clothes shopping, and living life.

Please let me know your favorite ways to save with savvy.