Discover The Arts LA

If you need any incentive to get out and explore, Discover The Arts offers half price and discounted admissions to museums around town.   These offers are good until April 30th and include over 30 cultural venues as varied as the Autry Museum, the Pasadena Playhouse, and the Getty Villa.

The Frugal Diva knows that everyone loves to stay in their comfort zone however this is a great opportunity to have an adventure in Los Angeles.  Use the Experience LA  site to map the area for other activities. In the North Beach, Santa Monica area, they list coffee houses, art galleries, and chamber music. Who knew there was even an area referred to as North Beach?

This might be considered sacrilige by some readers but leave your car at home. The metro stations sport distinct styles and art work and they get you to other locations. It’s a difficult concept with many advantages – no stress, no parking fees, and no traffic.