Back to Basics

Staying organized is the key to staying sane, saving money, and making the most of your time. That is a pretty big promise. There are those who hire people, buy expensive organizers, and mourn the fact that they can never get it together. No need to read further if you are among that number.

We know all the excuses.

“I have no time.” Putting things in their place saves you time. No need to know if you have enough underwear to last till the end of the week. Just count the number neatly folded in your drawer. Yes, it seems like a good idea to just throw them in and you have no fancy boxes. Folding them while you are watching a bit of evening TV works.

“I have no money for dividers.” There are a lot of people telling you that going to the Container Store and spending hundreds of dollars on clear plastic boxes makes your kitchen storage easier.  Stack cans and boxes, then keep them together by ingredients. This requires no paraphernalia.  Beans with beans, tomato sauce with tomato sauce, and tuna with tuna. Not so difficult. A simple scan will help you see what’s getting low. It allows you plan ahead on anything that is running out and stock up when the price is down.

“Too much stuff, not enough room.” Stop buying stuff. We all have more then is required to live a full life. Occasionally we need things – t-shirts, shoes, plants- think long and hard before you buy. Don’t wander the aisles of Marshalls hoping to buy something. Take a walk outside and enjoy exercise, fresh air, and nature. Closets are one area where you can use the occasional extra shelf for storage. If it helps you see that you have enough clothing, it is well worth the small investment. Some big baskets will also corral books and toys.

Get yourself and your family started on these simple changes. Make it a game not a chore. A counting game for kitchen items, a problem solving game for time management, and a logic game for where things should go. Let me know your ideas. We are all in this together.

Practice will make you as serene as this lovely lake.