Chicos – My Love Grows

All my friends had become ardent supporters of Chicos, yet I held out. Convinced that my love of basics and solid colors, my desire to choose any two pieces from my closet and have them match, would never be fulfilled by Chicos. It was a riot of color while I was an orderly march of solids. They scared me.

Well, they kept sending me catalogs and coupons. And the coupons were pretty good. Twenty five dollars off any purchase of $100 even if the items were on sale. They wore me down. I started by going into the store just to look around. And though they are known for their colors and prints, I spotted some solid pants. And they looked pretty good. Clean lines, nice neutral colors, up to date styles. My will was weakening.

You have to love their sizing, I was instantly reduced to a size two. Of course that is a medium in their world but in my world it is still a size two. I liked the sound of it. And I liked the pants. Beautiful velvet black jeans that are very stylish this year, denims with that extra bit of Lycra to hold you in, and racks and racks of sale items. Light weight cargo pants in khaki, capris in taupe, and some T shirts that go with everything. And all reduced by thirty percent. Things were looking up.

To maximize the coupon, try and keep your purchases just a little over $100. That will give you an additional 25% off your bill and that includes items that are already discounted. Now I don’t mean to steer you away from their other items. For the print and color lover there are fantastic choices, the accessories are a whole world also, and they have beautiful sweaters.

However for the more classic minded, stick with pants and solid colored tops. And don’t forget to join the Chicos club which gives you an automatic 5% off after you reach a minimum purchase amount.  They roll over stock very quickly so if you don’t find something you like, just stop back in two or three weeks.

Do the math and save big.


  1. Sara C. | 6th Jan 09

    Nice comments about the store and fashion choices. I’m glad you found Chico’s. They have clothing that real, grown-up women can wear whether you are classic-minded, or throwing your well-earned oats everywhere! Their price incentives are nice, too. By the way, for some unusual reason, which I’m not going to question or examine too closely, I’m a size 1….yippee!

  2. AM | 24th Jan 09

    If you go to the outlets you do even better…there’s a chicos in the camirillo outlets – sometimes its hit or miss though most times its a hit…i’ve gotten linen pants and a shirt for $20.00 total. They accept your coupons at the outlets.

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