Target For Underwear

We used to call them foundation garments because you built your wardrobe over them. Now it’s a much more complex relationship. Underwear has become outerwear at times. Underwear has become your ally when you do sports. Underwear comes in more colors and styles that could ever be imagined.

Now I still think of it as a foundation because let’s face it – when your underwear doesn’t fit properly nothing else will go well. Riding up, straps slipping, this is not a way to go through life. Fitted but not binding, minimal pantie lines, comfortable but still on the job. Who knew that Target would be the answer to my dreams. Bras – basics for under t shirts, sports for when you’re bouncing around , fancy for nights when you want them to show, and everything in between – are their business. We all knew that Target was now designer central with fantastic clothes, shoes, and accessories however now we know that this is place to feel like you are truly supported. Let’s hear it for underpants – bikinis, hipsters, thongs (I still don’t get those but each to their own), and granny panties (sometimes you just want a wall of cotton between you and the world).

This is an area where the right size and fit matter – don’t ruin your day by having to tug and reach for areas better left alone. Figure out your favorite styles by going to the store and if they don’t always have your size – sit back on the internet and order without the distraction of having to plow through aisles and aisles. If you are internet shopping always check for a coupon before shopping.

Have fun and look forward showing off your assets.


  1. Donna | 20th Aug 09

    I have been buying my panties at Target since I lived in Manhattan Beach and the Target was just up the street. Love that place. Now they have opened at new one near my house and I frequent not only the undrwear section but also have gotten some cute stuff in the clothing dept. The trick with Target…unless it is a name brand like Hanes, ignore the size, yu may need a bigger size in their clothing, but that’s ok, just go home and rip the size out!

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