6 Super Secrets for Saving on School Supplies

Today we have a guest post from Melissa Collarson
When it’s time for the kids to go back to school, moms feel the big hit on the pocketbook with all the school clothes, supplies, and accessories for that first day back. Even though spending money is great for our economy, there needs to be some kind of budget and way to save on all those expensive items you have to purchase to go back to school. Below are 6 great secrets for saving some money on school supplies and accessories.

School Lists
Most schools give your child a list of things they need to get. Parents often go out and buy plenty of school supplies while they are on sale before they get this list which can actually cost you more money. Wait for your child’s list to come out and stick to only buying what’s on the list and nothing more. If you buy ahead of time, you may buy things your child won’t even need. You can find some really cool deals for “hip” school supplies at dollar and thrift stores.

New Clothes
Kids consider new clothes a part of their school supplies. Kids don’t need a new wardrobe just because schools in session. Your kid’s clothes didn’t disappear from a month ago and they can wear what they have been wearing those first days back to school. If your child needs a new pair of shoes or jeans, get those things as opposed to things they probably don’t need yet. Winter will be just around the corner and you will be buying new clothes then. Save now, buy later.

Take advantage of the back to school sales you see. If your kids go through a bunch of wide ruled paper, get it when you see it on sale. Crayons, notebooks, backpacks and lunch boxes will go on sale plenty of places before school starts for just about nothing and that’s the time to get out and get them. Don’t buy things on sale your child doesn’t normally use just because it’s on sale.

Last Years Supplies
Go through all the supplies you bought last year and see if you have things that are still usable. Rulers, a good calculator, binders that never got used and file folders are all things you won’t have to buy if you still have plenty. Save where you can save.

No Tax Weekend
Some states offer a weekend that you don’t pay taxes on any type of school supplies, clothing, computers and more. Take advantage of this tax free weekend so you can save a lot of money. If your child is going to college and you need to buy tons of dorm supplies and a laptop, the savings can be amazing just not paying a tax.

New Look
Let your child use some of their old things but pizzazz them up with a new look! What about that book bag that’s not so bad but could use some changing up or the book covers and lunchbox? Let your child get out some glitter and stickers and decorate them up to personalize them with their name or school mascot symbols. It’s a unique way to make things look great and have it very personal to your child.

Back to school shopping doesn’t have to be as expensive as it seems to be. Use a few of these smart tips above and save lots of money when going back to school.

Melissa Collarson writes about finance, parenting & finance finding cheap dental insurance.