Cook Organic On A Budget

Everyone keeps saying that organic is expensive. Linda Watson, the author of Wildly Affordable Organic, has a very persuasive argument against this theory.  Her recipes emphasize local organic produce and organic vegetarian protein sources. They can be literally beefed up if you are not on a plant based diet. Add cheese or eggs if that is still part or your diet. These recipes are great starting points for learning how to devise an organic menu at reasonable prices.

The Frugal Diva always says, “Be thrifty, not cheap.” That means you want the most for your money and still enjoy the pleasures of eating a wholesome meal. Linda wants the world to know that this does not take a ton of time or effort. Cook up some beans in your slow cooker for a week of meals, enjoy going to the farmers market for produce, and drink lots of water as the best low cost beverage. These tips can help you save your money, your waistline, and your health.