Kudos To Starbucks

The Frugal Diva had the pleasure of hearing Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks speak. This company is committed to making sure that manufacturing stays here in the USA. There was not the usual “well if we could we would” excuses instead you will start to see mugs and other products that carry the Made in the USA label appearing in coffee shops across the country.

Join the loyalty program and start to get freebies and discounts including a free drink on your B-Day!

Starbucks also launched the Create Jobs for USA fund together with Opportunity Finance Network in November 2011 to provide an easy and convenient way for Americans to help other Americans. A $5 donation at Starbucks stores or createjobsforUSA.com gets you a red, white and blue Indivisible wristband to wear and show your support. To date they’ve raised over $7.5 million and loans are being given out to community businesses across the USA.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to have a latte! To read about their success so far, visit CreateJobsforUSA.org.