Save Money during the Holidays Using your Smartphone

Don’t leave home without reading this guest post.

I made the decision not to participate in Black Friday this year because I wanted less stress. Although, this is slightly crazy because, this Christmas season I have six children to shop for and four of them are teenagers. That alone is going to cost a pretty penny and I haven’t even mentioned all the other family members that I have to buy for! With that in mind, I set up my smartphone so that it can help me save money and you can too by using the following apps.

Money Saving Apps

Amazon Price Check – Amazon by far is my favorite site of all-time no matter what day of the year it is so using the app during the holiday season is even more helpful. The app is updated constantly to let in-store shoppers know if they can get a better deal on and its millions of online merchants – by simply typing, scanning or snapping a product name into the app – which has been the case for me on several occasions.

PriceGrabber – This is another app that allows the user to compare prices across thousands of online merchants and local stores. And it also allows the user to compare prices and read product reviews and lastly displays merchant ratings as well so that you can make ensure you are shopping smart.

Shopular – This app provides access to coupons from popular store merchants such as Target, Walmart, Bath & Body Works, Kohls and more. In fact, an alert pops up in real-time when you are out shopping at any given store to make you aware of the best deals.

GiftIt – Shopping this time of year can cause even the calmest of humans to have an anxiety attack between spending an entire months payroll on gifts to trying to remember who needs what and the items you already bought and yet still need to pick up. This app takes away all that confusion by helping you to keep track of all your purchases so you don’t miss anyone or overspend on something twice.

TheFind – This app is the first of its kind to combine your online and offline shopping experiences into one. You can map out  your plan of attack at home in your pajamas and then access it later on your smartphone while you are out shopping. It scans barcodes, detects your location and shows the best stores nearby and best of all is the app is ad-free and free to use. You can sync your smartphone app to the website meaning, if you don’t want to make a purchase with your phone you can wait and make the purchase from your laptop at home.

BuyVia – This is another comparison shopping app that features local and online retailers that offer the best pricing on everything from shoes to laptops and in-between.

RedLaser – The list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning RedLaser. This app is not too different from the others listed above as it compares prices, although it has been around a lot longer. But, the one special feature that I have found extra handy is that it helps while food shopping by assisting to avoid allergens in foods or special dietary needs – which helps with a daughter that has severe food allergies, a husband that is lactose intolerant and a father that is diabetic.

Utilizing one or more of these apps will help you to save money during the holiday season. Each of them is free for Android and iPhone users. If we missed one that you would recommend using, please comment and let us know! Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

Gabrielle Greene co-blogs on TipsOnHowToSaveMoney. Her friends often refer to her as “Gaby Gabs A lot,” especially if it has anything to do with freebies and saving money!