A Pantry Makeover: Get Healthy, Save Money

Clean Out Your Pantry, for Better Health and Savings!

This is a guest post from the folks at Vita Cost who help you get healthy and save money with a Pantry Makeover.

Toppled bottles, expired cans, scattered remnants of a bag of rice that fell on its side. We’ve all been there. After months of hurried meal making, rummaging kids and intentions to eat well falling by wayside—your pantry is a mess. You’ve got stuff you’ll never use, stuff that’s stale and stuff you may not even be able to identify.

Cleaning out food cabinets every once in awhile isn’t just necessary for sanity’s sake, or to keep bugs at bay. It’s also a great way to get back on track with healthy eating habits—and to shave a little off your family’s food bill. Staying organized helps prevent waste, which can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Roll up your sleeves, slide the trash can close to the door and follow these simple steps for a budget-friendly, healthy pantry makeover:

Clear the Way
First, remove everything from your pantry shelves. Glance at labels as you do, and toss anything that’s expired or has a funky smell. Divide what’s left into two piles: things you know you’ll use in the (near) future and things you’re pretty sure you won’t. Chances are if it’s been stacked in the back since last Thanksgiving, you should get rid of it. Donate these items to a food pantry or soup kitchen.

Make It Shine
Skip the harsh (and expensive!) cleaning solutions. Make your own wood-shelf cleaner by filling a spray bottle with ½ cup water, ½ cup vinegar, 1/8 teaspoon of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of dish soap. Add six drops of essential oil for scent, if you’d like. Shake well, spray shelves and wipe with a soft cloth until clean.

Makeover Time!
Before you start lining up spice jars and arranging cereal boxes by height—stop. Take a good look at what your family is eating. Are smiling cartoon characters dancing on your cracker boxes? Do you have enough canned soup to survive a month-long power outage?

Start weeding out unhealthy staples and snacks, replacing them with whole, unprocessed foods that actually nourish rather than harm health. For example, trade white rice for brown; vegetable oil for olive or canola; processed peanut butter for natural. Avoid anything with “hydrogenated” on the label, and always buy fresh and frozen over canned.

While healthier foods can be more expensive, you’ll find great discounts at online health food retailers such as Vitacost.com. You can also buy in bulk, watch for sales, use coupons and sign up for emails from (or “like” the Facebook page of) your favorite natural food brands, which may offer exclusive deals for subscribers and fans.

Get Organized
Ever open a snack package, stick it back in the cabinet and forget it exists until it’s no longer edible? Of course you have. The best way to avoid food waste is to keep things well sealed, clearly labeled and easily accessible. Buy a variety of large glass jars or canisters and BPA-free plastic storage containers, and label them with permanent marker or decorative tags. When you buy something—say, a bag of whole wheat flour—dump it in, seal the container and place it with similar items on the shelf.

Once you’re used to labeling foods, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to start. Just like your entire pantry makeover—stop putting it off, you’ll feel fantastic when it’s done!

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By: +Rebecca Chopin writer for Vitacost.com